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More buried treasure!

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As promised, here’s the second installment of the treasures. There will be a third, perhaps more. Lots of nooks and crannies yet to be dug through! Can’t wait. These are by far the most historically intriguing finds. Like I’ve told you before, the house was built in 1908. The city was formed in the late 1800’s, before that, it was ranchland, and three little towns. Our house would have been located in the town on Encinal, had it been built earlier. \ I was surprised, looks to me, that most…read more


Buried treasure!

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I just KNEW there were some treasures to be found! Behind the drywall, there were old newspapers that had been used when the house was remodeled the 1920’s. They were Oakland Tribunes. September 26, 1920, Sunday issue. These were mostly too far gone to read. There was something about Lenin financing worker’s strikes in the USA. Interesting. The main story was of a murder. Of course… if it bleeds, it leads! Murder Victim:¬†¬†Jacob C. Denton was a millionaire oil magnate who was murdered by his mistress, Louise. Louise Peete, is…read more