Back by popular demand!

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Life got a bit overwhelming in 2014, with work, and the house and all. So the blog got pushed aside. 

But now we’re back! Now where was I…. 

The move

We ended our lease in San Francisco, then extended it by a month, when the renovation finish deadline got delayed. Couldn’t move in before we had plumbing or electricity! Luckily our landlady was going to move into our place herself, and before that, start some minor renovations of her own. So she was accommodating. Thanks Carol!

That wasn’t enough time, though. The move date came, and we still didn’t have running water in the house. So our stuff moved in (amazing moving service we hired was sooo worth it!). We checked into a nearby motel.

The icky stuff

The stuff moved in, but we didn’t, and it was clear, that the house was under construction and had been unoccupied for way over a year when we bought the place. We had two break-ins. First time, through the front door that was due to be replaced, and the second time, through the back door. First time all that was taken was Sami’s (broken) bike. I assume they didn’t have time to start opening boxes. Second time, our neighbors saw him go in, and yelled to him and called the cops, so he just ran through the house and didn’t get anything. Police came, and took fingerprints and everything, they were super nice. Like on CSI! We went and hung curtains (bedsheets) on the windows, and got some battery-operated alarms (and alarm stickers), and put lights on timers to make it seem like someone lived here. And decided to move in as soon as possible,

So the toilet got installed, and we got to move in. Yay!


Lyhyesti suomeksi

Remppa venyi, ja muuttopäivä siirtyi pariin kertaan, ensin otettiin kuukausi lisää vuokraa, sitten asuttiin pari viikkoa motellissa. Sillä aikaa, kun tavarat muutti taloon, mutta me ei, tänne murtauduttiin kahdesti. Eivät vieneet juuri mitään, yhden rikkinäisen polkupyörän. Toisella kertaa naapurit kuuli, huusi ukolle, ja soitti poliisit (polisiisasema on parinsadan metrin päässä meiltä). Inhaa silti.  Poliisit tuli ja otti sormenjälkiä ja kaikkea. Ja lupasivat pitää taloa silmällä. Laitettiin hälyttimet, hälytintarroja ikkunoihin, ajastimella valot sisälle, ja lakanoita ja verhoja ikkunoihin, ja hoputettiin raksamiehiä saamaan juokseva vesi taloon, jotta päästään muuttamaan.

Ja sitten päästiin muuttamaan!