I’m blue… du bi dee da bu daa….

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The original paint was bad. Flaking. Old. Very beige. Actually, all the houses around ours were beige.

So it had to go!




It was amazing how quickly they scraped it all off. Especially at the back (pic above), seemed to come off very easily.



The house seemed to have always been white, cream or beige. Poor old lady was starting to show her age. She hadn’t been cared for much, so lot of rot.




But the windows had had more of an interesting variety or colors. Some very pretty: a sage green, ochre, salmon pink, periwinkle blue, white, white white and kelly green!


The top corners by the windows had rotted out. The gutters are all new.



The previous owners of this house really liked salmon pink. And many other “granny panty” colors. All the doors were either salmon or pantyhose-beige.



The front door had never been painted. But the varnish looked like alligator skin.

So, onwards!




Here’s the before.


The neighbor’s house had… um…. interesting colors. The main body color is a murky avocado green. With purple and burgundy stripes. We had to go with the neighborhood. Our row was mainly colors in the beige family. So we knew we wanted to do something else.

I had always dreamed of a blue house.

A dark navy blue. But with a neighborhood of off-white & pastel homes, wouldn’t have been appropriate.

Here’s the plan I made before we even owned the place:



The colors came from a California Historical Colors swatch collection.






Then it was time for the real colors! The shade was called Mallard Lake. We tested several shades of this color. Some were too green, some too cool shades of blue. Some wayyyy too bright. So the one we chose – it’s a duck-egg-colored, soft aqua blue. When it first went on a large surface, it looked VERY BABY BLUE. But there was no turning back!



New stairs – I convinced the guys to do the “fancy spacing” of threes, instead of even spacing with the spindles, for the same money. I think it looks lovely. Unlike our sad temporary mailbox.


Starting to look like something! All painting was done by spraying. On skinny tall ladders – there wasn’t space for scaffolding.


New / old / new to us doors for the back. Better than plywood.


Front door got my blueberry colors! Stairs & floors were painted a dark blue, called Steiglitz Fog. Door is a very deep deep blue. Yum. I had wanted to keep it wood colored, but it was too far gone. Now, I love the painted color. The other doors were painted in a midtone blue.


The garage door is a story I keep telling. I got local quotes for $5,000 for a composite material door, plain, no windows. Blech. The kind of door I wanted, was closer to $12k. Not happening. Our door came from Alabama. On Ebay. Under $2,000 – real wood, real glass windows and all! The shipment got lost twice on the way, and in the end, had to get installed inside-out – but it was well worth it!


Maalari maalasi taloa.. sinistä ja sinistä!

Talo oli ollut ilmeisesti aina valkoinen. Ikkunanpuitteet kaikenväriset vuosien aikana. Koko katu vaan oli täynnä valkosia ja beigejä taloja. Joten meidän talosta oli tuleva sininen. Värit tuli historiallisten värien katalogista. Se spraymaalattiin, ensin valkoiseksi, ja sitten siniseksi. Ja siinä ei kauaa nokka tuhissut. Mikä oli hyvä, koska oli tosi kuuma, ja ikkunat teipattu Nascar-rallimuovilla umpeen. Sain puhuttua ukot tekemään juuri sellaiset portaat kuin halusin – jee. Ja ovet maalattiin myös siniseksi. Autotallin oven maalaus vaati monta kerrosta, smurffinvärisestä raitaiseen. Sami asensi talonnumerot.