Blueberry Fields Forever

Where we’ve been and where we’re at

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Most of these posts are of things that happened in the past. This one is a “here’s what’s happening right now” type of post. Because we have had quite the adventure recently! Here are some highlights and low points: We moved out of the apartment, and both my hired help – the move-out cleaner and my carpet cleaners – canceled at the very last minute! Luckily I got a very nice young lady off Taskrabbit to help me clean. And a carpet guy who was also awesome. So it worked out in the…read more


Stairway to nowhere

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You could see through the old stairs. They also bounced considerably. It was one of the main concerns to deal with, before anything heavy could be carried up the stairs, to redo them. The old stairs had a metal railing. It was original to the house, but to be honest, I didn’t really care for it. I thought it was a later, cheap addition. Anyway, they wouldn’t pass, as the new stairs would need to be up to building code standards. So the railings had to go. Then came the…read more