Spit and glue

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The poor, old garage door had seen better days.

On the inside, in the dark, it didn’t look SO bad.

With this picture, I realized it probably wasn’t going to be something we could keep forever.




The bank had bolted the door with plywood. The construction crew kept driving the bolts through the door, twice a day, every day.

The problem? The insurance company inspectors had driven by, and they didn’t like the plywood. Bad timing, because that’s just when the roof was just OSB sheathing… so looked like the house didn’t have a roof or a door. So they kindly asked us to fix it.

Proooblem iiiis, since we were soon going to redo the entire foundation, that would change the size of the garage door opening. So getting a new door now wouldn’t make sense.

So, we spent a few hours on it – TADA!


Few scrap pieces of plywood and wood, spackle and … um… fasteners later, and a fresh coat of paint, we had something that looked like a real door again.

We took some photos to send to the insurers. They were happy.

Of course, now it’s again covered with the plywood and bolted closed.

And what will go in?

New doors, of course. And because I am the way I am, of course I won’t settle for anything simple. I just can’t imagine going to HomeDepot and getting a steel and styrofoam and vinyl garage door with the motor and the little  remote control and the fake wood grain pattern… *shivers*. Uh no.

So I started looking into real wood carriage doors from local companies. Oh no. Prices were astronomical. So my next question was “well, what about from some other material?”. Even the ones that are essentially sawdust and glue pressed together… were $5,000. Not including any hardware, or a window. Nooooo…

What’s a girl with champagne taste on a beer budget to do?


Southern and Midwestern woodworkers to the rescue. Thank goodness labor and materials are cheaper in other parts of the country. So even with shipping from places like Iowa or Alabama, I can get a real wood carriage door, with a real glass divided light window, and including the hardware and weatherstripping  – for a custom size, starting from less than $1,000. Fifth of the plain-sheet-of-pressed-pulp-with-no-window-or-hardware would have cost! Nuts!

Yay eBay!

Now all that’s left is to decide the style and wood species. We’ll get it stained the same time as the front doors so they look like they belong together.


Cypress. Love the craftsman style windows. I love carriage doors, they open like real doors. Some companies wanted to offer me a door that looks like a carriage door, but flips up as one solid piece. Yuck.


Hemlock. So purdy. The house wants to be kinda fancy, so this might be the right style for the classic elements of the house.




Simpler profile, hemlock and plywood. I am not sure about the pressed plywood. Especially since we plan to stain, not paint.


Spruce is the cheapest of the bunch. It’s kinda knotty pine-ish to stain. I don’t like the window profile, either.

So once I get the measurements, I’ll put in the order. Will be a fun thought that someone builds it by hand and sends it our way, miles and miles away.

Hey, fun fact – did you know back in the olden days, you could send kids in the mail?


Not very common. But it did happen.





Purukumilla korjasimme sen

Autotallin ovi oli melkoisen rämä. Pankki oli pultannut sen kiinni. Ja raksan ukot sitten oli ruuvannut sitä auki ja kiinni. Raukka oli aika surkeassa kunnossa. Vakuutusyhtiön tarkastajat ajoi ohi, kun kattoa laitettiin, ja eivät tykänneet. No, me “korjattiin” se ovi. Maalilla, pakkelilla ja… teipillä. Otettiin kuvat, lähetettiin ne vakuutusyhtiölle, joka oli nyt tyytyväinen, että “onhan siellä ovi siellä vanerin takana”. Ja tietty se vaneri on nyt taas siinä.

Uusi ovi tulee kunhan perusta on valettu uusiksi.

Pitäisi päättää, minkälainen.

Paikallisella työvoimalla olisi viidellä tonnilla saanut lastulevyä, ilman ikkunaa, ilman saranoita tai asennusta. Alle tonnilla olisi saanut sellaisen rautakaupan tavallisen alumiini-styroksi-muovioven, johon on painettu puukuvio. Yök, en huoli.

Onneksi on eBay, ja keskilännen ja etelävaltoiden puusepät. Sieltä saa viidesosaan lastulevyoven hinnasta oikeaa puuta, oikealla lasi-ikkunalla, saranat ja rahtikulut kuuluu hintaan. Sen voi sitten petsata mätsäämään etuoviin. Jesh. Etsivä löytää!