Buried treasure!

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I just KNEW there were some treasures to be found!

Behind the drywall, there were old newspapers that had been used when the house was remodeled the 1920’s. They were Oakland Tribunes. September 26, 1920, Sunday issue.

These were mostly too far gone to read. There was something about Lenin financing worker’s strikes in the USA. Interesting. The main story was of a murder. Of course… if it bleeds, it leads!

Murder Victim:  Jacob C. Denton was a millionaire oil magnate who was murdered by his mistress, Louise.
Louise Peete, is one of only three women to be executed in California. She died in a gas chamber, after killing several people. (Read more on Murderpedia)

1920 was a huge year. Right after the first world war.

So I Googled what happened that year, to refresh my memory:

  1. League of Nations established (Wikipedia link)
  2. Prohibition had started in January in the US
  3. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland claim independence from Russia, get’s ratified by the USSR
  4. Versailles Treaty
  5. Israel / Palestine fighting begins
  6. Babe Ruth’s 50th home run, 1st as a Yankee
  7. Mexican rebel Pancho Villa surrenders
  8. US Women get a right to vote in August
  9. the Allies withdraw from Russia, where they attempted to support the anti-Bolshevik forces
  10. Part of Finland’s  Petsamo province ceded by Soviet Union back to Finland
  11. Legendary racehorse Man O War’s last race – the horse’s grandson will be the future racing legend Seabiscuit.

Source: http://www.historyorb.com/events/date/1920

How fascinating. All of this was happening abroad, and they were renovating their house here in Alameda. I wonder if the brand new prohibition laws had anything to do with it? Maybe they built a hidden wine cellar?






There were also more mundane finds.

Behind the kitchen counters, there was an issue of Hustler from the late 1970’s. Lot of blue eyeshadow, lots of hair!

And behind where the basement apartment’s fridge used to be, there was a shelf, that had been drywalled over. On that shelf, there were old kitchen appliances, like a popcorn popper and a hotel room -sized coffee maker, and a standing mixer from maybe the 1950’s. And a bunch of cool clocks. Inside the wall. Who drywalls over a kitchen shelf??

There are even more treasures in the attic.

And a few treasures found inside the fireplace, that I’ll share in a separate post, they’re so good!


Seinän kätköt

Arvasin, että aarteitahan sieltä löytyy. Syyskuun 26 päivä, 1920, sunnuntain lehti, 10 senttiä. Pääuutisena öljypohatan murha, murhaajatar oli salarakas ja sarjamurhaajatar… Lisäksi pikkujuttu Leninistä.
Tutkin, mitä kaikkea tuolloin tapahtui. Kaikenlaista! Kansainliitto, kieltolaki, naisten äänioikeus Jenkeissä… Saatiin Petsamo takaisin, ja baltian maat itsenäistyi. Melkoista. Ja täällä remontoitiin näemmä silloin. Ehkä salakapakkaa…


Lisää aarteita esitellään myöhemmin!