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The basement had half of it as a mostly unfinished space, with the garage, and the laundry machines, toilet and shower (not to forget the weird padded room).

The other side had an unpermitted split-level apartment. It had a small kitchen, hall closet, and a bathroom on the side that had somewhat low ceilings. Really pretty basic, 80’s feel, including an avocado green sink. It had a set of wood cabinets in the kitchen that seemed to be of the same era as the house. And the exact same metal cabinet kitchen sink than the two upstairs kitchens. Oddly enough, it also had original early 1900’s doors. Don’t know how – this space wouldn’t have been finished living space back then. Maybe they had extra doors that were free at some point in the 1950’s? Old-fashioned wood doors must have been less in demand than hollow-core “modern” doors with veneers…

It’s a good amount of space. Down from the kitchen/entry area, were three rooms, all pretty much equal size, and with newer windows.

We’ll be putting an apartment in the same spot, this time, just more legally and with permits.


Alakerran asunto

Puolet kellarista on autotallia ja pesutupaa ja sitä outoa pehmustettua huonetta. Toinen puoli on ihan oikea asunto. Tosin aikoinaan tehty ilman lupia. Siinä ei ole mitään kovin jännittävää, keittiö, jossa on sama lavuaarikaapisto kuin yläkerrassa, ja samanlaiset vanhat puiset kaapit. Ja vanhoja ovia. Uudet ikkunat. Kaikki muu kasaria, mukaanlukien maksanvihreä lavuaari. Ihan hyvän kokoinen se on, kaksi makkaria ja olkkari, eli 3h+k.

Laitetaan sinne alakertaan uusi asunto, tällä kertaa ihan virallisesti ja luvilla.