The Good, Bad and the Ugly, part one: THE BAD.

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Like I’ve told you already, there’s quite a bit to fix around the house. But thought I’d share a few highlights:

  • The roof: 4 layers of roofing (you’re supposed to have max 2), including the original cedar shingles. The roof leaked so bad, it came through the living room (the roof will get it’s own post later).
  • The paint: so old, that it’s worn down to bare wood. Good thing is, you can see what color it has been. (Cream and cream – I’ll tell you later what we have in mind!).
  • Gutters: missing, clogged or installed badly, hence pretty corner baubles are missing – all but one. We’re having them recreated and put back in.
  • Stairs: when you can see through them, and they bounce and sway when you walk on them, it’s time to replace.
  • Back Stairs: as well kept as the front stairs.
  • Wall water damage: in the basement apartment, rain had come in through the brick foundation, and smooshed the drywall.
  • Foundation: half of it was brick covered in concrete shell, the other side just brick. You can see the heavy spalling here.
  • Garage door: rotted. Mangled.
  • Brick foundation: crumbling. As was the chimney.

We can only go up from here!


Hyvät, pahat ja rumat, osa yksi: PAHAT

  • Katto on, kuten kuvasta näkyy, heikossa hapessa.
  • Maalikin on hiukan hilseillyt.
  • Rännit on vinossa.
  • Portaat on aika pelottavat, kun niiden läpi näkee kellarin.
  • Ja takapihan portaat ei ole kovin kummoiset nekään.
  • Alakerran asunnon seinä oli mupeltunut sadeveden valuessa ulkoseinästä sisään…
  • Perustan toinen puoli on betoniin käärittyä tiiltä, ja melkoisen kalkkitahrainen
  • Autotallin ovi on mennyttä kalua.
  • Tiiliperusta toisella puolella taloa on haperoa.

Tästä päästään vain parempaan suuntaan!